SCYD 2019 General Election Endorsements

After careful consideration the Snohomish County Young Democrats endorses the following:

Edmonds City Council, Position 4 – Jenna Nand – Sole Endorsement
Edmonds School Board Director District 1 – Carin Chase
Everett City Council, Position 4 – Liz Vogeli – Sole Endorsement
Everett City Council, Position 5 – Joseph Erikson
Everett Port Commissioner District 1, – David Simpson
Everett School District, Director-at-Large Position 2 – April Berg – Sole Endorsement

Snohomish County Council, District 2 – Megan Dunn
Snohomish County Council, District 3 – Stephanie Wright – Sole Endorsement
Snohomish County Superior Court, Position 7 – Edirin Okoloko
Snohomish County Superior Court, Position 14 – Paul W. Thompson
Snohomish County Treasurer – Brian Sullivan
South Sno. Co. Fire & Rescue RFA, Commissioner District 4 -Bret Chiafalo

Congratulations to all our candidates! Get out there and make Snohomish County a better community!

Kevin Phan

Kevin Phan

I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska but I am grateful and proud to call Everett my home. I've spent most of my adult life advocating for housing justice and trying to improve civic engagement among my peers.

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