County Council District 4 Appointment

The Snohomish County Young Democrats are paying close attention to the Snohomish County Council’s appointment to replace Terry Ryan as the District 4 councilmember. As the Snohomish County Central Democratic Committee proceeds with the appointment process, we urge the PCOs who will be choosing the top three slate of candidates to look strongly at the records of each of the candidates before making their decision.

The Snohomish County Young Democrats believe that whoever is chosen should be someone who upholds progressive social and economic values. They should be willing to fight for a robust response to climate change, access to healthcare, affordable housing, worker’s rights, education, and an equitable criminal justice system. Snohomish County faces several challenges as we grow and modernize. Specifically, we see the need for an expansive and affordable public transportation system, access to different housing options especially for the impoverished and other vulnerable populations, well paying union jobs, protecting our environment, supporting youth and families through human services and community development initiatives.

There are several great candidates currently running for the appointment. We encourage PCOs and the County Council to consider the impact of each candidate’s respective policy platforms and experience before making a decision to ensure that the best possible candidate is chosen.

The Snohomish County Young Democrats is a Democratic political organization led by youth and young adults. We have a vested interest in the political landscape of Snohomish County and are fighting to ensure our voices are heard. If any of the candidates currently going for the appointment wish to connect with our organization, please reach out to us at

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Louis Harris

Louis Harris

I was born and raised in Snohomish County. I've dedicated my life to creating a positive, inclusive, and equitable world for everyone. I am a community organizer, an advocate, and a leader. I believe that as times change, so does leadership and I want to do my part to make sure that leadership represents our generation.

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