SCYD Passes Resolution Regarding the San Francisco Bay Chevron Oil Spill

San Francisco Bay Chevron Oil Spill

WHEREAS, The negative effects of a heavy reliance on fossil fuels as a primary energy source are well-documented and the technology is hazardous and antiquated; and

WHEREAS, There have been at least 44 oceanic oil spills in the United States of over 420,000 gallons each since 1969; and

WHEREAS, The long-lasting effects of oil spilled into waterways are damaging to environment and wildlife, and cleanup is expensive and not wholly effective; and

WHEREAS, On February 9, 2021, 600 gallons of a petroleum and water mixture leaked into the San Francisco Bay from Chevron Corporation’s refinery in Richmond, CA; and

WHEREAS, Chevron’s Richmond oil refinery has been issued at least 29 violations by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District between 2016 and 2018, and is one of California’s largest polluters; and

WHEREAS, This event is one of the many examples of a responsibility to pivot toward safer, more efficient, and more modern renewable energy in the United States; and

WHEREAS, The topic of environmental stewardship extends beyond preservation of the natural resources of Earth, and is also a topic of equity and human rights; and

WHEREAS, Roughly 80% of Richmond, California’s residents are people of color, and nearly one-fifth of families fall near the poverty line; and

WHEREAS, The Richmond-area has high rates of cancer, and over one-quarter of the area’s children are reported to have asthma; and

WHEREAS, The critical need to work to replace fossil-fuels, natural gas, and other polluting, non23 renewable energy sources is a matter of equity and global preservation;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Snohomish County Young Democrats recognize the existential threat of climate change, and that the responsibility to diligently work toward a strong clean-energy sector is critical to sustaining and supporting a high quality of life for all people, and for all living things.

Approved by the Snohomish County Young Democrats by a vote on: 2/21/21

Jessica Corbman, Chair
Ahamad Ceesay, 1st Vice Chair
Kaitlyn Johnson, Treasurer
Michael Ugrin, Secretary
Carsten Glans, Sergeant-at-Arms

Jessica Corbman

Jessica Corbman

Jessica Corbman is the current chair of the Snohomish County Young Democrats. She is also the vice chair of the 39th Legislative District Democrats. Jessica graduated in 2020 from the University of Washington Bothell with a master's degree in Policy Studies. She is interested in fighting for action on climate change, racial justice, LGBTQ and women's rights, criminal justice reform, and an economic system that works for everyone. Working with the members of the Snohomish County Young Democrats, she hopes to help build a grassroots movement that will help to elect Democrats and progressive candidates in Snohomish County and Washington State.

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